Special vaccine program for government employees commences

A nurse fills syringe with a vial of Covishield vaccine on February 4, 2021. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

The President’s Office has initiated a vaccine program especially for government employees.

This campaign is aimed at fully inoculating all government employees against COVID-19.

An announcement was made by the President’s Office today requesting all government employees who have not received a single dose of the vaccine to complete their first dose by August 15 – and subsequently receive the second dose after the allocated time has passed.

The President’s Office also requested those who have refrained from vaccination due to temporary circumstances at the advice of a medical doctor to complete their vaccination when given the green light to go ahead.

In President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s address to the nation on this year’s Independence Day, he had announced a nationwide mass vaccination program that will see the inoculation of the entire Maldivian population.

The program which had now commenced aims to fully vaccinate 90 percent of the eligible population prior to the end of August - and from there the entire population. 

He also highlighted that Maldives has secured enough vaccine doses to fully inoculate the entire population.