Thakandhoo placed under monitoring measures

H. A. Thakandhoo.

HA. Thakandhoo has been placed under monitoring measures following the detection of a COVID-19 case from the island.

Thakandhoo Council President Hassan Naeem has told Sun that the Health Protection Agency (HPA) has not officially informed the Council of the ‘monitoring status’ as of yet.

“But a person who randomly consulted at the flu clinic has tested positive,” Naeem had confirmed.

He further detailed that the person who tested positive had not traveled outside of the island.

“So, we believe that she had gotten infected through someone else on the island. The only direct contact to her is her husband,” he also added.

Naeem also noted that health authorities have begun contact tracing in the island subsequent to this case.

He further detailed that a large number of people has traveled to the island for the holidays – whereas at the moment they are unsure as to whether any incomers from Male’ had contact with a positive case. Nevertheless, he noted that they were trying to find the source of the infection.

Concluding his interview Sun, Naeem also highlighted that the majority of Thakandhoo’s population has been fully vaccinated.