Adhaalath Party denies bribing people to sign for the party

Ali Nazeer: Chair of Adhaalath Party (AP)’s Media Committee. (File Photo)

Adhaalath Party has denied the allegations stating that the party was bribing people to sign for the party in their campaign to recruit 10,000 members for the party.

Spokesperson of the Party, State Minister at Home Ministry Ali Nazeer confirmed to Sun today that the allegations are completely false.

“No member has been bribed to sign for the party. This is a blatant lie,” he had said.

Nazeer further detailed that Adhaalath Party is not a political party which operates in such a manner – adding that the party does not operate with funding from businessmen as well.

“What is the point of us campaigning if we are bribing people to sign for the Party. Our Party is funded by the allowance allocated to political parties by the government,” Nazeer had also said.

He also detailed that the Party’s biggest aim right now is to reach the 10,000-member milestone before the State budget for the next year is passed.

At present, Adhaalath Party is comprised of 6651 members. The campaign to secure the remaining signatures needed began earlier this month.