Kinbidhoo Council: Eid celebrated as no new cases in the island, upon request of residents

Th. Kinbidhoo.

Th. Kinbidhoo Council President Ali Hussain has stated that despite the island being under monitoring mechanisms, there is no spread of COVID-19 - which is why the Council had allowed continuing Eid al-Adha celebratory activities at the request of the island’s residents.

Kinbidhoo was put under monitoring mechanism by Health Protection Agency (HPA) on July 21 subsequent to a two-year-old who traveled from Male’ City with family for the Eid holidays testing positive for COVID-19. The continuance of Eid celebratory activities on the island following this – has become a center of criticism.

Speaking to Sun today, Th. Kinbidhoo Council President Ali Hussain detailed that they were not officially informed when the island was initially put under monitoring. He further added that he does not believe that there are grounds to keep the island under monitoring as no positive cases have been from the island for two months – nor has anyone come forward with symptoms.

Hussain also explained that samples were taken by HPA from direct contacts and randomly when the island was put under monitoring.

“They did take samples. Random samples and direct contact samples came back negative. We did halt Eid celebratory activities the moment we were informed that the island was put under monitoring. We were waiting for results of the samples taken,” he had said.

Hussain also noted that the Council did not wish to put the residents of the island and risk. He also added that the residents were ready to cooperate with HPA.

However, Hussain noted that when HPA had served the monitoring status document to the Council, it did not state that Eid celebratory activities must be stopped.

Nevertheless, the Council has banned travel in and out of the island as per HPA’s guidelines and noted that if HPA orders that Eid celebratory activities must be stopped – it will be immediately done.

“Most islands are holding celebratory activities. The only difference to us is that we are under monitoring status,” Hussain said.

HPA puts an island under monitoring if there are COVID-19 cases amongst the residents based on the island. They have previously stated that they will not place an island under monitoring if a person who arrives on the island from Male' or elsewhere tests positive after completing a quarantine period.