HCIM: Gan International Airport will become a regional hub

Private jets parked at Gan International Airport, Addu City. (Photo/Gan International Airport)

India has stated that Gan International Airport that is being developed under a line of credit from India’s EXIM Bank “will become a regional hub”. 

Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail has previously stated that the development of Gan International Airport is a project valued at USD 17 million – which is being financed under a USD 800 million line of credit extended to the Maldives by India.

Via a tweet today, the High Commission of India in the Maldives (HCIM) had stated that once the Gan International Airport development project is complete, the airport will be hail a regional hub.

Moreover, the completion of the project will also see major improvements to the existing terminal at the airport, said the HCIM.

Work under this project also includes the establishment of a separate domestic terminal, access roads, and a support infrastructure.

HCIM further added that the upgraded airport would further strengthen tourism in the southern regions of the Maldives as it would increase the number of tourists arriving in the south. They also pointed that seaplane operations will be more refined as well.

In addition to the Gan International Airport, Hanimaadhoo International Airport in the northern region of the Maldives is also being developed under the same line of credit.