GCF approves USD 25.1M grant for coastal protection projects in 5 islands

Shoreline of a Maldivian island (Photo/Ifaadh Waheed)

 The Green Climate Fund (GCF) has approved a USD 25.1 million grant to implement coastal protection projects at five islands in the Maldives.

GCF is a global organization created to support the effort of developing countries in responding to climate change. The board of GCF approved this grant in their 29th meeting.

This project will be implemented in collaboration with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) which is co-financing with an additional USD 35.4 million grant, and with the government of Maldives - which will provide 5.5 million in money and resources.

Under this project, coastal protection projects will be implemented in the islands; L. Maamendhoo, L. Fonadhoo, L. Gan, L. Isdhoo and at some areas of Meedhoo in Addu City.

The project falls in line with the Government’s Strategic Action Plan that aims to minimize the vulnerability of the inhabited Maldivian islands to climate change which increases the risk of climate disasters.

In this regard, the project will establish integrated coastal zone management in order to balance coastal development and coastal conservation at inhabited islands. An inventory study and a risk assessment of present coastal and coral reef conditions is also planned to be carried out.

Additionally, the national disaster warning and information dissemination system will be strengthened under the project, with a system for disaster warning and information dissemination. Furthermore, the project will see the introduction of wave and sea-level observation equipment and its analysis.