Dr. Farahanaz appointed as President of Women in Diplomacy

Maldivian Ambassador to the United Kingdom Dr. Farahanaz Faisal has been appointed as the President of the Women in Diplomacy Network. 

She was appointed to the post in a ceremony held at the Georgian Embassy in the UK yesterday, by the current President Linda Scott, who is also the Namibian High Commissioner to the UK. 

Dr. Farahanaz's Vice President will be Sophie Katsarava, the UK Ambassador to Georgia. Day to day work of the network will be lead by the Deputy of the UAE Ambassador to the UK. 

Dr. Farahanaz will take up her role as the President of the network starting from July. 

Women in Diplomacy Network was formed by female diplomats serving in the UK, The network had been dormant for a couple of years before once again starting up in April 2021. 

The main purpose of the network is women empowerment and to discuss challenges posed to female diplomats in the work environment and their lives with other diplomats and to find collective solutions to these problems. Workshops and training programs are also run by the network for female diplomats at other High Commission and Embassies. Mentorship programs are also conducted for new female diplomats arriving in the UK for the first time. 

The Presidency of the network is rotated every six months.