Ex-President Yameen's Criminal Court hearing canceled

Former Maldivian President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom. (File Photo/Sun/Ahmed Aushan Ilyas)

A hearing scheduled today in the Criminal Court in the case of former President Abdulla Yameen have been canceled. 

Yameen's lawyer Adam Shameem tweeted today that the Criminal Court had informed that the hearings scheduled for today in Yameen's trial was canceled. 

Yameen's legal team has previously requested to cancel the trials in his case due to the COVID-19 situation. The legal team had stated that the situation was too dangerous for Yameen to attend court and for court proceedings to go ahead in making the request to cancel the hearings. The legal team had also said that the authorities had advised against going outdoors due to the dangers of the virus. 

The legal team also said that proceeding with the trials during the situation was in violation of Article 21 of the Constitution which involves the right to life, liberty, and security of the person. 

Yameen is currently under house arrest after being moved from prison due to the COVID-19 situation. He was undergoing a five-year sentence at the Maafushi prison after being found guilty of money laundering. He was found guilty of money laundering in relation to the GA. Vodamulla island's acquisition costs in the MMPRC scandal. He is currently on trial in relation to the island of R. Fuhgiri as well. He is being charged with money laundering and accepting bribes.