Suspects in kidnapping of women granted conditional release

Combined photos of (from L-R) Ali Rasheed, 23, and Adam Vishan, 18.

Two suspects arrested for kidnapping a woman from a street in Male’ City, dragging her into an alleyway, and sexually assaulting her back in April have been released from police custody.

The two suspects were arrested from the crime scene. They are:

  • Adam Vishan, 18, Vinares, HDh. Neykurendhoo
  • Ali Rasheed, 23, Milaafaru, HDh. Vaikaradhoo

They are accused of assault, kidnap and engaging in forcible sexual relations.

Their remand had been repeatedly extended since their arrest, but they were released from police custody on Wednesday, May 19, when presented before the Criminal Court for their remand hearing.

Criminal Court said the two suspects were released at the request of Prosecutor General’s Office to grant them conditional release. The court said that after the Prosecutor General’s Office made the request, the police changed the stand on their petition and requested the court grant them conditional release.

The court order for Adam Vishan’s release states that the Prosecutor General’s Office requested he be granted conditional release following the conclusion of the investigation against him, and in light of the evidence submitted.

The court order for Ali Rasheed’s release states he was granted conditional release due to lack of probable cause to keep him further detained. Ali Rasheed contracted COVID-19 while in detention, and has been isolated. Wednesday’s remand hearing was held in his absence.

At the prior remand hearing, held on May 2, the court said they find the allegations by the police weren’t the most appropriate in light of the “facts” of the case.

Screen grab from video footage of two men dragging a female pedestrian into an alleyway in Male' City before sexually assaulting her on April 16, 2021.

Prosecutor General’s Office argued on that day that the victim was attacked soon after she underwent a major surgery, and that the assault could have endangered her life or caused her grievous injury.

 Adam Vishan has a record of three prior arrests while Adam Rasheed has a record of five prior arrests.

The incident took place at approximately 08:00 pm on April 16, in Handhuvaree Hingun in Maafannu district of Male’ City.

The suspects were caught of CCTV camera dragging, and then carrying the victim into an alleyway.