Security levels in and around Parliament building intensified due to threat

Parliament building seen from above.

Security levels near and inside the Parliament building have been intensified due to information received regarding a security threat. 

The threat levels were raised after the Police and MNDF were informed of a local man who commented on a post on social media that the parliament building needed to be blown up. 

Regarding the threat, MNDF Information Officer Maj. Ibrahim Azim was responding to a question by Sun when he said that MNDF were alerted to a possible security threat to the Parliament last night. 

Security levels of the parliament and the surrounding areas were intensified, as a result, said Maj. Azim. The security levels still remain in place as the Parliament currently deliberates on the emergency issue presented in relation to the terrorist attack on the former President and current Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed on May 6. 

The individual commented on the live feed of the parliament sitting stating that the parliament needed to be blown up. The user said parliamentarians steal from the public, and a place that houses such people should not be allowed to exist.

Police have confirmed that the comment had been brought to their attention and that they are conducting necessary investigations in response. Police also stated that threats on social media that promote acts of terrorism and damage to persons and property are investigated and taken action against as serious cases.

Comments on social media that promote acts of terrorism are a criminal offense. And the police warned earlier this May that they will identify people who make such comments and take action.

The law on the interpretation of terrorism declares actions that promote acts of terrorism, whether directly or indirectly, as a criminal offense. It is punishable by 10-15 years in prison.