Sports Minister Mahloof says he will resign the day he is charged for scandal

Minister of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment, Ahmed Mahloof. (File Photo/Sun)

Minister for Youth and Sports Ahmed Mahloof has spoken out against him being included in the list of those complicit in the MMPRC scandal. 

The Minister today, said that just because his name was on a list "made by politicians" did not mean he was guilty and that he would resign the day charges were brought against him. 

Minister Mahloof is on the list of around 300 complicit individuals in the MMPRC scandal formed by the Presidential Commission on Corruption and Asset recovery which was publicly disclosed by the Parliament recently. The investigation into Mahloof's conduct could soon see his case sent to the Prosecutor General's Office for charges to be raised, according to the document disclosed by the Parliament.

Mahloof's name was also included in the Anti-Corruption Commission report into the scandal, which led to the President suspending him. However, the ACC later stated that Mahloof had not committed any acts of corruption. The Commission on Asset Recovery has also warned that not everyone whose names are included in the list committed wrongs and that the list should not be used to judge. 

However, calls among the public to suspend or fire those believed to have been complicit and included in the list have been amplified and the government is also facing backlash for its failure to do so. 

Minister Mahloof today, wrote on Facebook that he had been cleared of corruption by the investigative bodies previously regarding SOF cheques deposited to his account. 

"It is not being complicit or even guilty if included in a list, formed by politicians, which saw many not connected to the case lose their rights," said the Minister in his Facebook post. 

"I will not remain at this post for even a day if I am charged," said Mahloof. 

According to the Asset Recovery Commission list, Mahloof benefited from the MMPRC scandal. The list shows that Mahloof received MVR 1 million from former president Abdulla Yameen, according to statements given by former ex-President Ahmed Adeeb, who is believed to have orchestrated the scandal. 

Adeeb also said that Mahloof was provided with MVR 200,000  through Mohamed Hussain (Oitte).

Oitte gave statements to the Asset Recovery Commission that he gave MVR 200,000 to Mahloof on February 26, 2014, and MVR 500,000 on March 20. USD 33,000 received as acquisition costs were also given to Mahloof, according to the statements. The money was for US dollar exchange purposes.

A number of people on the Commission list have denied having taken part or even benefited from the scandal which is the biggest in the history of the nation.