COVID-19: Naifaru cases surge to 56, Hinnavaru confirms 5 cases

Lh. Naifaru.

Positive cases of COVID-19 identified from the island of Lh. Naifaru has increased to 56. 

A press conference held by the Lh. Atoll Emergency Operations Center tonight saw officials confirm that the Naifaru had a total caseload of 56, with two school teachers and six students among them. 

Lh. Atoll Hospital Manager Jaufaru Abdulla, during the press conference, said that 61 people were quarantined in Naifaru which has a population of over 5,000. 1,311 samples have been collected from the island while 427 sample results are still pending. Two individuals from Naifaru who tested positive have been moved to a COVID-19 treatment facility for further care. 

Hinavaru confirms five cases

The next biggest population center in Lh. Atoll, Hinnavaru also confirmed five cases while Olhuvelifushi, one of the least populated islands in the atoll confirmed two cases. 

Only Kurendhoo from the atoll remains free of monitoring mechanisms. Lh. Atoll has just four inhabited islands. 

Random samples collected from Kurendhoo so far have returned as negative.