COVID-19: Elderly man who died in Hinnavaru tests positive

Officials carry the coffin of a 63-year-old man from Lh. Hinnavaru who died from COVID-19 on March 29, 2021. (Photo/Lh. Atoll Hospital)

The regional hospital in Lh. Atoll announced on Monday that an elderly man who died in Hinnavaru has tested positive for COVID-19.

The deceased, a 63-year-old male, was transported from Hinnavaru to Naifaru – where the regional hospital is located – for further treatment on Sunday, after he suffered a stroke.

The hospital said the patient was already deceased when he arrived at the hospital. And that his test results came back positive for COVID-19.

Both Hinnavaru and Naifaru are under monitoring following confirmation of COVID-19 cases. Naifaru has 14 active cases, and Hinnavaru has one active case. Felivaru – also located in Lh. Atoll – has 75 active cases, while Olhuvelifushi also recently confirmed a case.

Health Protection Agency (HPA) has yet to rule whether the death of the elderly man from Hinnavaru will be treated as a COVID-19 death. Maldives has 66 confirmed COVID-19 deaths, and the death of the Hinnavaru man will increase the death toll to 67.