Community spread in Felivaru, 66 COVID-19 cases confirmed

Lh. Felivaru.

A total of 66 cases of COVID-19 has been confirmed from the industrial fisheries island of Lh. Felivaru. 

Information made public by the Lh. Atoll Hospital state that a total of 104 samples had been collected from the island. The result of 88 samples were received with just 22 testing negative. 

The nearby island of Lh. Naifaru is also under monitoring after a worker of Felivaru from the island tested positive for the virus. An individual from Naifaru who traveled to the island of R. Ungoofaaru has also tested positive. Currently, there are just three positive cases from Naifaru. 

Health authorities have requested anyone who traveled from the island of Naifaru after March 10 to quarantine for 10 days. Authorities have also requested anyone from Felivaru who traveled after March 1 to also do the same.