4 charged in the murder of Udhayyu

Ahmed Udhayyu (17).

Police have requested charges against four people in the murder of Ahmed Udhayyu (17), Lily of the Valley, GA. Maamendhoo.

Udhayyu was murdered during a bout of gang violence in his home island of Maamendhoo on February 8. His brother was also hurt during the violence. 

Police today, stated that the investigation of the case had been concluded and that charges had been requested by the Prosecutor General's Office against three people and one minor involved in the case. 

A post-mortem examination was also conducted on Udhayyu’s body after his death. His body was sent to India for the examination on February 15 and brought back two days later. 

Police had stated that the autopsy was to attain answers for questions that could come up for the investigation and to obtain sufficient evidence related to the case.