Floating islands project in Maldives launched

Floating island concept.

A project to develop floating islands in the Maldives has been launched after the government entered into a second agreement with Dutch pioneering company Dutch Docklands. 

The innovative concept is one introduced by the company which describes itself as the global leader in floating developments, concepts, and infrastructure.

The government first entered into an agreement with the company in 2019. Reports of the project once again began to circulate in international media in 2015. However, no official developments in the project were made. 

Concept of floating islands project in the Maldives.

A press release issued on the website of the project read that it was planned to develop the city within a ten-minute distance of Male’ City and Hulhule’. The project is to be the first of its kind in terms of concept to be ever developed in the world. It is expected to be phased into ten years and could house thousands once completed. 

Residences of the project will be constructed on a lagoon of around 200 hectares. The establishments of the project is to be developed and designed so that they float on the shallow waters. 

Official work on the project is to be started in 2022. Once complete, the project will have shops, hospitals, and residences among other establishments. 

Official information on the project is yet to be released by the government.