Dangerous accident at sea near Vilingili, 4 hurt, 1 in serious condition

G. A. Vilingili harbor. (Photo/MTCC)

A collision between a boat and a speedboat inside the harbor of GA. Villingili has left four people injured, with one in serious condition. 

The accident happened around 21:15 tonight and involved a boat and a speedboat that was traveling out of the harbor. Two individuals on the speedboat suffered serious injuries while two people on board the boat also suffered injuries. 

GA. Atoll Hospital manager Shareef Ahmed stated to Sun that one of the four injured was in serious condition with injuries sustained to the eyes and head. 

"Work is underway to transport the individual to Male' City. Injuries to the eyes and head are serious," said Shareef. 

He added that the second person on the speedboat also suffered injuries to the head. 

Witnesses say that the speedboat was traveling at high speed and collided with the boat. A person on board the boat fell into the sea and was later rescued. The individual suffered fractures to the arm and work was underway to transport the individual to the Abdul Samad Memorial Hospital in GDh. Thinadhoo.

Shareef said that the second person from the boat didn't suffer as serious injuries as others. 

Police and MNDF have not yet made an official statement on the accident.