MP Shiyam: HPA guidelines permit MDP to campaign

Naifaru MP Ahmed Shiyam. (File Photo/People's Majlis)

Opposition MP Ahmed Shiyam has stated that the travel guidelines of the Health Protection Agency (HPA) regarding COVID-19 permitted members of the governing MDP party to campaign for elections. 

The MP representing Naifaru is also the deputy leader of PPM, the main opposition party. The parliament is holding a sitting out of term currently, to debate on the report by the parliament’s Committee on Independent Institutions regarding the amendment to the special law passed last year to delay the local council elections.

MP Shiyam in today’s sitting said that HPA conduct was public knowledge whereby government members are permitted to travel to other islands in the Maldives. 

“Government members can travel. HPA guidelines says that travel is only to inaugurate projects. Projects are run by the current government.” Said Shiyam. 

Shiyam also alleged that members of the Jumhooree Party, Adhaalath Party, part of the governing coalition were traveling to other islands under the pretext of inaugurating projects on behalf of the government. 

“The amendment is by those with a policy formed that permits all parties apart from PPM-PNC can travel.” Said Shiyam. 

He also expressed concern on behalf of PPM for allowing the HPA to run elections in the nation before adding that a fair and equal election cannot be held when the leader of the only opposing competitive party is imprisoned.