Condition of toddler injured in Dhaandhoo accident has improved, discharged from hospital

G. A. Dhaandhoo.

The family of a three-year-old girl who sustained serious injuries in a road accident in G. A. Dhaandhoo states her condition has improved.

The accident in question took place in the ring road of Dhaandhoo on December 16, and involves a speeding motorcycle which lost control and crashed into the young girl, who stood in the doorway of a house.

The young girl, who comes from Fuvahmulah City, had been in Dhaandhoo on holiday with her family at the time.

She sustained two broken legs, fractured nasal bones, and other facial injuries in the accident.

She was treated at the regional hospital in G. A. Vilingili, and later transferred to ADK Hospital in Male’ City for further treatment.

The young girl’s father told Sun that his daughter’s condition has improved, and that she has been discharged from the hospital. Both her legs are in casts.

There were two people on the motorcycle involved in the accident. However, the person in the backseat, identified as an 18-year-old, had jumped from the motorcycle before it made impact. The 18-year-old also sustained varying degrees of injuries.

The police have stated that the person driving the motorcycle does not possess a driver’s license, and that the case is being investigated.