Opposition describes Home Minister Imran as an educated munafiq

Naifaru MP Ahmed Shiyam. (File Photo/People's Majlis)

Deputy leader of PPM and MP for Naifaru Ahmed Shiyam has described Home Minister Imran Abdulla as a Munafiq which loosely translates to a hypocrite. 

MP Shiyam was speaking in today’s parliament sitting where the Minister was present and responding to a motion of no confidence submitted against him. 

MP Shiyam said that Home Minister Imran had a history of hypocrisy.

“Some of the honorable parliamentarians, when speaking today described the Minister as someone with knowledge. I also believe the same. I believe that Home Minister Imran Abdulla is a Munafiq with knowledge.” Said MP Shiyam.

In the religion of Islam, a munafiq is a person who in public shows that he or she is a Muslim but rejects Islam and propagate against it privately.

PPM MPs submitted a motion of no confidence against the Minister regarding remarks made by him in relation to the safari rape case. The Minister was heard saying that what happened on the safari was blown out of context and that the reality was that it was not a rape but something minor. The Minister took things further by describing the events of the safari as something that could happen anywhere in public. The case had enraged the public and had seen protests erupt in the midst of the situation with the pandemic in capital Male’ City.

MP Shiyam said that PPM was a party that always protected women and advocated for them. He said that if the governing MDP did not support the motion of no confidence, it was apparent that MDP was saying yes to such crimes and abuse towards women. 

MDP PG Group has voted to dismiss the motion against Home Minister Imran Abdulla.