Chartered jets to Maldives increasing every month

Private jets at Velana International Airport.

The number of chartered jets and private jets arriving at Velana International airport is on the rise.

The Maldives officially reopened its borders on July 15, after COVID-19 hit the nation in March. 

Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) stated that private jets arriving in the Maldives were increasing on a monthly basis. 

MACL statistics show that 28 jets landed in VIA in July while 59 landed at the airport in the following month of August. In September, 60 jets were recorded while in October 126 private jets have so far landed at the airport. 

The number of tourist arrivals as well as the number of scheduled flights are both on the rise following the reopening. Private jets to Maafaru Airport in the north is also on the rise subsequently.