Parliament instructs Island Aviation to amend operations

Office of Maldivian holidays. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Afrah)

The parliament will be instructing the Island Aviation Services company (IAS) which manages national airline Maldivian to amend a number of things in order to reduce challenges. 

The parliament passed a report by the Committee on State-Owned Enterprises regarding the company with the vote of 54 MPs. 

The report advised amending a number of operational activities by the company to reduce challenges in the future and for the better running of the company. 

Points highlighted in the report include: 

  • Formation of a long-term future plan for the company.
  • Recruitment for only necessary positions.
  • Immediate expansion of seaplane operations for profit increase. 
  • A risk assessment of the company enterprise. 
  • Revision of the procurement policy of the company. 
  • Maintaining the company as one that can pay its debts. 
  • Formation of a schedule for payments to be received and obtaining available payments. 
  • Recording the income of different sectors of the company.
  • Formation and implementation of a long-term plan for debt repayment.

The Committee also reviewed the case of IAS senior officials collecting extra increments.