Public opinion sought over Gulhifalhu port project

June 1, 2020: Sand drifting from Gulhifalhu are pictured reaching the neighboring island of Vilimale'. (Photo/EPA)

A survey to obtain public opinion on the planned international port project in Gulhifalhu has been commenced, the Economic Ministry has stated.

The Ministry said that the survey was to understand the environmental and social impact of the project and will be conducted by the Land and Marine Environmental Resource Group as part of a report. 

Public opinion will be sought on the relocation of the port services from Male’ City to Gulhifalhu. It was previously planned by the government to move the port in Male’ City to Thilafushi, however, the current administration said that it took into account the environmental impact from the project as part of the decision to relocate the project to Gulhifalhu.

As part of the project, a massive land reclamation project for the port is now underway in Gulhifalhu, leading to the raising of public concern over the damage to the surrounding ecosystem.

An area of almost 20 million cubic meters will be reclaimed as part of the project which is undertaken by Boskalis Westminster.