UNDP donates IT equipment to JSC, courts

United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Maldives, on Thursday, donated IT equipment to Judicial Service Commission (JSC) and courts.

The equipment was handed over by the UNDP Resident Representative to Maldives, Akiko Fuji, in a ceremony held at JSC headquarters on Thursday.

The donation to JSC was accepted by JSC’s President Hisan Hussain, and the donation to the courts was accepted by Department of Judicial Administration (DJA)’s Judicial Administrator Dr. Abdulla Nazeer.

The equipment was presented under the judicial digitalization project, and includes IT equipment needed to hold remote hearings, Office 365 license, and additional equipment needed to digitalize and modernize JSC’s services.

JSC said the equipment will support holding open hearings, and running the courts under a single platform.

JSC said it will also provide significant solutions to many of the issues facing the commission in providing services.

Speaking at the ceremony, Hisan said measures taken to curb the ongoing coronavirus pandemic should not prevent the judiciary from functioning and delay justice.

She said the judiciary will continue to work to overcome such challenges.

Meanwhile Akiko Fuji provided assurance of UNDP’s continued support for the judicial digitalization project.

UNDP is currently engaged in six consultancy programs to improve the efficiency of the judiciary.