Police release all but 1 from opposition rally

Police intervene to stop a motorcycle rally in Male' City on September 12, 2020. (Photo/Maldives Police Service)

Police have released everyone except one arrested from the opposition rallies yesterday in Male’ City after imposing fines on them for violating health guidelines.

Opposition members first tried to hold a motorcycle rally, which was intervened by police. A total of 41 individuals were arrested yesterday and later released. Only one remains in detention for threatening a police officer. 

Police media officials confirmed that they were all released later on. However, they were fined for violating the health safety guidelines in place due to COVID-19. 

Participants arrested were fined MVR 1,000, bringing the total tally of fines to MVR 41,000. 

Police also towed one vehicle and relocated several others. The vehicle was towed due to mismatched registrations. Opposition party PPM Council members and activists were also arrested from the rallies.

PPM was also fined MVR 75,000 for a prior rally two weeks ago for a similar rally. Senior members of PPM were also fined MVR 1,000.