Sports Ministry to begin publicizing info on tender evaluations next week

Sports Minister Ahmed Mahloof during a press conference on May 12, 2019. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Minister Ahmed Mahloof announced on Thursday that the Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment Ministry will begin publicizing information on tender evaluations next week.

In a tweet on Thursday night, Mahloof said he believes in the importance of having the information publicly available.

“Youth Ministry will begin releasing [information on] bid evaluations next week,” said Mahloof. “This information is important for all parties who submit bids. Having this information publicly available is important.”

The decision to release information on tender evaluations conducted by the Sports Ministry comes after the Finance Ministry began publicizing summaries of the process of tender evaluations carried out through the National Tender Board last week.

Finance Ministry described the decision to publish the information as an important step in its efforts to improve the efficiency of the financial affairs of the state, and improve transparency.

According to the Finance Ministry, the summary reports, which have been released on its website, includes the contractors who applied for the project, the quoted price, and whether or not they passed the evaluation process, and justification for selection or rejection.

It also includes the selected contractor, the awarded amount, the awarded duration, the awarded date, and the awarding authority.

Finance Ministry said that its website currently has information on tenders evaluated this year available, but that it will have information on tenders starting from last year available by the end of this August.

Sports Ministry has carried out a record number of projects over the last two years. Mahloof has previously stated that the projects were awarded to contractors following proper evaluations.