Travelers from Maldives to China to be tested for COVID-19 through ADK Hospital

ADK Hospital. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Arrangements have been made at the ADK Hospital in Male’ to conduct nucleic acid tests, which is required for all travelers arriving in China.

Chinese Ambassador to Maldives, Zhang Lizhong announced on Thursday that ADK hospital in Male’ has been designated by the Chinese Embassy as the institution to provide COVID-19 nucleic acid test for all the passengers leaving for China from Maldives.

The Chinese government requires all travelers arriving in mainland China to hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate no older than five days before boarding, as a measure to contain the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

The requirement is in place for all travelers, both Chinese and foreign.

The Maldivian government does not require mandatory coronavirus tests for travelers. However, Chinese tourists, and tourists from several other countries, require tests confirming them to be negative for the new coronavirus when they return to their home country after vacationing in Maldives.

While coronavirus tests are not mandatory for tourists, except for those who show symptoms consistent with the new coronavirus, testing is available for tourists who wish to voluntarily get tested or who require negative test results to return to their home countries.

Travelers who show symptoms consistent with the new coronavirus are not allowed to leave the country.

Maldives had cancelled the issuance of on-arrival visa and closed its borders on March 27, but came out of its three-month-long isolation and reopened the borders for international travel on July 15.