Two babies born prematurely pass away in Kudahuvadhoo

An aerial shot of Dh. Kudahuvadhoo. (Photo/MRDC)

Two infants born prematurely have passed away in the island of Dh. Kudahuvadhoo.

Kudahuvadhoo Council president Ahmed Shaam confirmed the news to Sun.

Shaam said that the two babies were prematurely born at five months and passed away afterward. They were born in the morning.

Rumors had circulated on social media earlier today, that the authorities had failed to provide permission to travel in order to obtain additional medical care for the infants. When questioned regarding the rumors, Shaam said that the condition of the two were too severe for them to be transported.

“No. I am informed that their condition was too critical. A flight was also brought but only after the first baby passed away. The second child passed away after the flight arrived. Since the baby was so small and born prematurely, they could not be transported. The Hospital does not have the capacity for such treatment.” Said Shaam.

No comments from the Kudahuvadhoo Hospital is available on the matter yet.

The deaths of the two babies in Kudahuvadhoo follow similar stories of Intrauterine fetal demise that were reported from the islands of Sh. Narudhoo and A.A Thoddoo recently. In both cases, the families accused the authorities of failing to provide necessary medical care.