Amr: We have staple food in stock, being delivered to shops

STO delivers staple food supplies to shops in Hulhumale' on April 20, 2020. (Photo/STO)

State Trading Organization (STO) managing director Hussain Amr, on Monday, said that the organization had staple food in stock, and was delivering it to shops in the capital, as well as the atolls.

Amr refuted rumors circulating on social media platforms that STO had run out of staple food.

“Spreading false information that Maldives had run out of staple food is a great harm done of the people amid such an alarming situation panic,” said Amr.

Details of regarding the quantity of staple food delivered to individual Maldivian islands can be viewed from STO’s website.

STO staple food supplies sent to G.Dh. Thinadhoo on April 19, 2020. (Photo/STO)

Amr also shared the wholesale and retail price of STO’s staple food products.


  • Rice: MVR 3.98 per kilo, MVR 240 per sack
  • Flour: MVR 2.98 per kilo, MVR 190 per sack
  • Sugar: MVR 4 per kilo, MVR 241 per sack


  • Rice: MVR 199 per sack
  • Flour: MVR 149 per sack
  • Sugar: MVR 200 per sack

Economic Ministry had announced the additional rate which will be charged on staple food supplies to the atolls on April 5.

The rates were fixed based on three zones.

  • Zone 1 (H. A. Atoll, H. Dh. Atoll, Sh. Atoll): MVR 1.02 per kilo
  • Zone 2 (N. Atoll to Th. Atoll): MVR 0.82 per kilo
  • Zone 3 (L. Atoll to Addu City): MVR 1.21 per kilo