In quarantine, Man runs marathon on his balcony, what's stopping you?

Photo shows a jogger climbing up stairs in running shoes. (Photo/

Under quarantine, a man in France has run a marathon of 42.2 kilometers without leaving his balcony. Yes, you read that right.

Elisha Nochomovitz figured out that he can still run a marathon anyway on his 23-feet long balcony. Elisha ran the entire marathon by running back and forth on his balcony.

He also shared the images online as a way to extend his support to the entire medical personnel who are doing an exceptional job. He said that he wanted to show others that it’s possible to stay fit despite the confinement measures being placed by authorities all over the world as they battle the virus pandemic.

He also wanted to lighten the mood with a crazy challenge and humor in order to tone down the confinement situation.

The entire marathon took him six hours and 48 minutes.

However, in France, authorities still allow people to go outside for sports such as running, if they complete a special form. But this has led the authorities to worry about the number of people still outdoors. The number of runners are actually threatening efforts to contain the virus.

“I thought about many things, what’s going to happen, when I see that the world has stopped, sports, economy, finance,” he said speaking to the Associated Press.

He especially thought about medics, “the real everyday heroes.”

While clips of people dancing, learning new skills such as cooking and sewing have hit the internet, this is one of the most creative ways of killing time while in quarantine.