President Solih sends condolences following Indonesian floods

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih at the Viyavathi Councilors' Conference in Crossroads Maldives on December 15, 2019. (File Photo/Sun/Mohamed Muzain Nazim)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has sent a message of condolence to Joko Widodo, the President of the Republic of Indonesia, following catastrophic floods in the country’s capital Jakarta.

In the message, President Solih expressed that it was with great sadness he learnt of the devastating floods in Jakarta, which resulted in the loss of life, injury to many, and extensive damage to property and infrastructure.

A woman rides a tricycle on a flooded street in Jakarta, Indonesia, Saturday, Jan. 4, 2020. Monsoon rains and rising rivers submerged parts of greater Jakarta and caused landslides in Bogor and Depok districts on the city's outskirts as well as in neighboring Lebak, which buried a number of people. (AP Photo/Dita Alangkara)

At this time of grief, President Solih conveyed condolences to President Widodo and particularly to the displaced and bereaved families, on behalf of the government and people of the Maldives.

The Indonesia capital has been hit with torrential downpours and thunderstorms since last Tuesday, with the death toll from flooding and landslides rising over 65.