5 percent of Hajj Corporation’s quota for people suffering life threatening illnesses

Hajj pilgrims in Saudi Arabia. (File Photo/Sun/Ahmed Mujthaba)

Maldives Hajj Corporation has announced the decision to set aside five percent of its annual Hajj quota for people who suffer from life threatening illnesses.

The special allotment is part of recent amendments to its services regulation.

Maldives Hajj Corporation reports that parties eligible to apply for the special allotment will need to submit medical documents along with their application.

Those who apply for the special allotment will be selected in the order they get on the list of overall selectees once the application is opened.

Maldives Hajj Corporation will also reserve the right to approve slots for maximum two attendees, depending on the severity of the illness.

The names of the people who are selected for Hajj pilgrimage will be published on the corporation’s website along with the year they were awarded the allotment.

The second amendment to Maldives Hajj Corporation’s services regulation is to open the corporation’s membership to companies which fit specific criteria; state-owned enterprises, locally registered companies which have at least one year of experience as a registered business, and companies which’s workforce is made up of minimum 10 percent local employees.