Monument to be built to remember victims of natural disasters

Tsunami Monument. (Sun File Photo)

The Defense Ministry has announced to build a national monument to remember the victims of national disasters in the Maldives.

The Ministry stated that the opportunity to design the monument will be open for everyone which will be placed in the Jumhooree Maidhaan under the name of “Shaheedhunge Binaa”. It will be a dedication to all those who lost their lives due to natural disasters in the country.

The applicants must be Maldivian and can submit their designs to the Ministry until October 24, 10:00. Designs are required to be submitted in an A1 foam board format and a PDF design format as well. Details of the design must also be submitted in an A3 size binder of ten pages. Designs must be submitted without any names and should be concealed when submitting.

The “Tsunami Binaa” located in “Thin Ruh Park” is also a monument dedicated to those who lost their lives in the devastating 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. The 84 stainless steel rods that form the monument is dedicated to the 64 people who passed away in the disaster. The use of different sized rods is to entail that people of all ages passed away in the disaster.