Issue of employee influencing Parliament bid revealed

Issue of an employee trying to influence a parliament bid revealed. (Photo/ Sun File Photo/ Mohamed Afrah)

An issue of a parliament employee entering into a bid made from the parliament and trying to influence it has risen. 

The information received so far indicates that the employee entered into a bid made from the parliament to supply it with a black van with the capacity to carry 6-7 people. The announcement states that only those who came to the parliament office to clarify the announcement would be allowed to bid. 

The secretary-general of the parliament Ms. Fathimath Niusha has stated that such a case has been brought to her attention and that the issue was currently being investigated. “The bid committee has brought to our attention that an employee of the parliament entered into a bid made by the parliament” Secretary-General Niusha stated.

The parliament has also submitted this case to the Anti-Corruption Commission. Anti-Corruption Act of Maldives states that it is a crime if a government employee tries to gain an unfair advantage through his or her post and would result in a three-year jail sentence or house arrest.