JSC will hold open probes into 2 claims against Justice Didi

Supreme Court Justice Abdulla Didi presents himself to the Judicial Service Commission for questioning on June 17, 2019. (Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has made the decision hold open probes in two claims against Supreme Court Justice Abdulla Didi.

JSC said this Tuesday that its investigation into the USD 1 million bribery allegation made against Didi by Speaker of Parliament, President Mohamed Nasheed; and its investigation into the decision by Didi to return to work despite the suspension imposed on him by the commission will both be open to the public.

JSC reports that total five ethical violations have been lodges against Didi at the commission. It did not disclose details of the allegations.

Didi was summoned for questioning by the JSC regarding the allegations against him last Monday night. Speaking press after the questioning session, Didi’s lawyers said that he wanted the probes against him by JSC’s investigative committee to be open to prove his innocence and integrity to the public.

Following JSC’s decision to suspend him, Didi filed a petition with the Supreme Court citing violation of due process by JSC in making the decision. The Supreme Court issued a stay order, asking JSC and other State agencies to refrain from executing the suspension until the court issues a decision regarding the case.

JSC has refused to accept the stay order and has accused Supreme Court of judicial overreach