Commission: Many ill inmates in Jail, no doctor

Male' Jail. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Afrah)

Commission for Prison Audit has said that there are inmates with various medical conditions in the Male’ Jail but here is no doctor present.

The Commission issued a statement on the state of affairs at the Male’ Jail after making a visit this week to monitor the facilities and operations. The statement said that the jail does not have any means of medical treatment in case of an emergency.

And if a medical emergency occurs, it takes at least 30 minutes to take an inmate out of their cell and transport them to a medical facility and said that it could be fatal to someone in critical condition.

The Statement from the Commission also note that the jail has exceeded their capacity of inmates with four people being in a cell initially designed for two and ten people in cells designed for four people.

They said that medical screening are not being conducted for people brought in on remand because there are no trained personnel for that on hand.


The Commission also noted trainings are not being conducted on running the custodial and the are facing a shortage of staff and things such as uniforms.