President inaugurates sanitation services at Dhiyamigili

President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom inaugurates sanitation services at Th. Dhiyamigili on August 15, 2018. (Photo/President's Office)

President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has inaugurated the sanitation system built on Th. Dhiyamigili.

Yameen, who is on a tour of Th. Atoll, visited Dhiyamigili this Wednesday morning, and inaugurated sanitation services on the island in a special function.

Speaking at the function, Guraidhoo MP Hussain Manik Dhon Manik said the project cost over MVR 28 million.

During his speech, MP Hussain Manik Dhon Manik made a number of requests to Yameen on behalf of the people of Dhiyamigili. He said lack of land space posed a huge challenge to the locals, and that they therefore wished to be able to live to on nearby Medhafushi.

He also noted that the island suffers from flooding and beach erosion, and asked the government for a solution to the problem.

Hussain Manik noted the high cost incurred for the sanitation project, despite the small population of the island, and thanked Yameen for the projects run by his administration of the island.