Medianet fined with MVR 52,000

Inside the appointment of members to the Maldives Broadcasting Commission on 5 April 2016. (Photo/President's Office)

Leading cable rebroadcaster in the Maldives, Medianet has been fined with MVR 52,000. 

The decision by the Maldives Broadcasting Commission today said that the fine came after and investigation revealed that Medianet has made changes to the Medianet Hits Package without informing the Commission and broadcasted 23 channels in package without the license to broadcast. 

The fine on Medianet is MVR 2,000 for every change to the Hits Package and for the 23 unlicensed channels, MVR 2,000 for every channel. 

Broadcasting Commission has ordered Medianet to pay the fine in full in the next 30 days and inform any changes to the packages provided by Medianet. 

Medianet has also been ordered to stop broadcasting the channels they don't have a license for and move forward within the laws of Broadcasting and Re-Broadcasting.