Discussions underway, on President participating in Parliament discussions

The President’s Office has said that discussions will be held with the government coalition parties regarding President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik participating in the discussions between the Parliamentary Group Leaders.

Following MDP’s request for the President to participate in these discussions without conditions, Spokesperson of the President’s Office Abbas Adil Riza said that the government had not yet made a decision regarding this issue.

In response to the Speaker of Parliament Abdullah Shahid’s request, Abbas said that the President will decide whether to participate in these talks based on the advice the government coalition parties.

He added that MDP had disregarded the government’s earlier calls to hold two ‘tracks’ of discussions; the All-party-talks and dialogue between Parliament Members.

Abbas was doubtful about MDP’s intentions, as they had disrupted the Parliament but still wished the President to participate in the discussions at the Parliament.

He noted that the President will, nonetheless, choose to solve matters peacefully.

MDP Parliamentary Group Leader Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said that MDP wants the President to participate in the Parliament discussions not to discuss the issue of the Parliament being disrupted; but because the government has chosen a path different from the one described in the MDP manifesto.