Expat in critical condition after fall from Hulhumale’ flat

A man who fell from the air vent of an apartment complex in Hulhumale’ has been transferred to ADK Hospital in Male' City with serious injuries.

The incident took place this Sunday.

Aasandha Company, which runs the Hulhumale’ Hospital said the man who fell from the apartment complex is an expatriate worker.

He fell from the air vent of the third floor of Hulhumale' Flat No. 5.

He man has suffered injuries to his back, and has fractured arms and ribs.

The man was first taken to Hulhumale' Hospital, but was transferred to ADK Hospital at approximately 1:30 pm due to the seriousness of his injuries.

Aasandha Company said the man was in a coma when transferred to ADK Hospital. And that he had to be incubated.