Police investigate sexual assault of minor in Naifaru

The case of the young girl who was subjected to sexual assault by her father in Lh. Naifaru is under investigation, reports the police.

“Sun” has been informed the case is under investigation by the Family and Child Protection Department (FCPD) of police.

A member of the Naifaru Council reported to “Sun” last Monday night that the young girl – a grade nine student – was taken under protective custody of the Ministry of Gender and Family last Thursday night.

“Sun” has been informed the girl was handed over to the Ministry of Gender and Family by FCPD.

The police media official refused to make any comment regarding the case as it is an ongoing investigation.

Family members who spoke to “Sun” allege the young girl had been subjected to sexual abuse by her father for over a year before she was rescued. They also allege her mother was aware of the abuse, and that both she and the girl were coerced into silence by the father.

“Sun” has been informed the father was arrested a few days ago for investigation into physical abuse of his stepchild.