PICK MALDIVES: Great Name for a Great Endeavor

With a boom Maldivian tourism with numerous resorts and resorts with a range of luxury, the tourism industry in the country is something that many are heavily dependent upon.

And the local organizations and groups promoting the Maldivian tourism is not necessary on the low side of the count. There are local companies that have been accepted by international brands and countries.

But the approach to promotion have been fairly the same. There's only a handful of brands taking a unique path to promote tourism. The latest edition to that list is PICK MALDIVES.

A name with purpose

An interesting wordplay with "PIC"; short for picture and "PICK"; to make a selection, PICK MALDIVES grabs the attention of anyone who sees the brand name and helps those within earshot to make a decision on their next holiday destination.

It is "Business to Customer" invitation, a brand specifically created to promote the destination directly to the customer.

With an idea to promote Maldivian tourism, the first stop for the company is to advertise the natural beauty of the country in a delicious story of tranquility.

PICK MALDIVES: Photobook contains the pictures of there different natural tourist spots in the country along with reviews and tales of leisure from those who have visited them.

Souvenir Quality to the World

Founder of PICK MALDIVES and the brains behind the idea, Riayath Abdul Majeed, said that the PICK MALDIVES: Photobook has a number of special qualities about it. One of them being that the book will be published in Souvenir Quality.

Riayath said that the book will be distributed to the target audience in three ways.

In the Premier Distribution, over 2000 copies would be sent to influential bloggers and social media celebrities along with VIP travel journalists in top quality through the no.1 logistical company in the world, DHL, according to Riayath.

He said that two other ways is the major international travel exhibitions on the days open to the public and through the PICK MALDIVES ambassadors in 20 select countries.

The Brand with Partners to Match

Although it hasn't been long since the inception of PICK MALDIVES, the brand has already gained the trust of the major players in the country.

And so the company has signed on three Premium Partners, DHL, PSM's Maldives TV and M7 Prints.

With Sun Media Group's Sun Online appointed as a Supporting Partner, the largest tourism promotion company in the country, Maldives Association for Travel Agencies and Tour Operators (MATATO) has also signed on as a Supporting Partner.

PICK MALDIVES Founder, Riayath said that through the agreement signed with MATATO at the World Travel Market in London earlier this month, PICK MALDIVES has been appointed as the Print Media Partner for the MATATO Maldives Travel Awards 2018.

Riayath said that PICK MALDIVES is going to join with more Premium and Supporting Partners in the future.

Hotels, resorts, liveaboards and guesthouses have been joining the PICK MALDIVES: Photobook, according to it's Founder, and they intend to promote all of them across the globe.

Although the PICK MALDIVES: Photobook is in fact, a book, it's partners and participants will be promoted through the broadcast media and social media as well.

And a digital version of the book will be up on the official website of PICK MALDIVES.

PICK MALDIVES: Photobook is set for release in 2018 at the ITB Fair in Berlin, Germany, next March.