67 percent of the bridge is completed

Contractor CCCC Second Harbor Engineering Company has said that 67 percent of the China-Maldives Friendship Bridge has been completed.

The press visit to the bridge today was cut short due to unfortune weather.

But at a press conference at the contractor's meeting room, Project Manager, Lin said that the work on the bridge is progressing efficiently and 67 percent has been completed without any major challenges. And assured that the project will be completed on the projected scheduled.

He said that all aspects of the construction project is under control.

CCCC SHEC said that the concrete work of the columns of the bridge are on schedule and would be fully complete by March 2018 and the delays in bringing the bridge parts manufactured in China will not affect the progress of the schedule.

The project worth USD 300 million is funded with a USD 100 million of free-aid from China and USD 170 million on loan from China with an interest rate of 2 percent. The Maldivian government is spending USD 30 million on the project.