Education: Ugail has not been banned from lecturing at schools

Professor Hassan Ugail has not been banned from lecturing at Maldivian schools, says Ministry of Education.

Local media has carried reports Ugail has been banned from lecturing at some public schools in Maldives. However, Head of School Administration at Ministry of Education, Sheryna Abdul Samad reported to “Sun” this Tuesday that the ministry laid no such penalty on Ugail.

“We, the Ministry of Education did not inform Professor Hassan Ugail he cannot lecture at schools. We laid no such penalty,” said Sheryna.

She said the activity calendar of schools for each academic year was pre-planned. And that it was difficult to accommodate sudden activities or events. She said the ministry did not accommodate for such changes.

In interviews to some local medias, Ugail said he has been informed of a ban on him from lecturing at schools. He said he was saddened by the decision. He, however, did not state the information came directly from Ministry of Education.

Ugail is the first Maldivian to obtain a PhD in Mathematics, and the first Maldivian to receive a professorship in the field of Science.

He currently works at the University of Bradford in the UK.