President pardons 20 inmates
Inmates participating in an in-prison course. (File Photo/Sun/Ahmed Sharuwan)

President pardons 20 inmates

    November 14, 2017 - 3 months 1 weeks ago

President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has pardoned 20 inmates serving sentences for various offenses in Maldivian prisons.

Media officer at Maldives Correctional Service, Ahmed Lugman confirmed to “Sun” this Tuesday that 20 inmates have been released back into the community after being awarded the presidential pardon. MCS, however, did not specify when the inmates were released.

“20 inmates have been released as per regulation after being awarded the presidential pardon,” said Lugman.

When asked for a comment regarding the release, Spokesperson at President’s Office Ahmed Muaz Ali said the information will be released by Ministry of Home Affairs. The ministry has not yet released the information. And the MCS refused to disclose any details regarding the released inmates, commenting only that they had been serving sentences for minor offenses.

A new regulation on the presidential pardon was released last year, to allow inmates with the potential to benefit the society to be released based on a review of their behavior and certain other conditions.


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