Fire at Velana Building
MNDF Fire and Rescue at Velana Building after a fire was reported at state office building on 8 November 2017 - Sun Photo: Muaviyath Anwar

Fire at Velana Building

    November 8, 2017 - 4 months 2 weeks ago

A fire incident has taken place at Velana Building, which hosts the offices of a number of state institutes.

The MNDF went to 8th floor of the building following reports of smoke coming from the building to find some papers on fire.

Fire at Velana Building

MNDF also said that a security guard at the building was taken to a hospital due to smoke inhalation.

After the fire was extinguished by the Fire and Rescue Services of the MNDF, police entered the building with a forensic team.

The building sustained no damage in the incident and the fire was quickly controlled.


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