Launch accident victim Wisam passes away

Ali Wisam, 30, who suffered extensive injuries from the speedboat accident which took place in May, has passed away.

The accident took place when a speedboat carrying 15 staff from Summer Island Resort crashed into a boat near Reethi Rah Resort, which had all its lights turned off.

Wisam, from Handhuvarumatheege in S. Meedhoo passed away at a hospital in Cochin, India.

Wisam was first treated at the ADK Hospital in Male’ City. The hospital reported at the time that Wisam was showing signs of improvement, but that he was being sent to India for further treatment at the request of the family.

The accident took place at night and the captain of the speedboat carrying the Summer Island staff reported he failed to see the boat near Reethi Rah as the boat had its lights off.

MNDF said at the time that both boats were accountable for the accident.

The accident is under investigation by the police.

Summer Island Resort issued a statement this Thursday, saying arrangements were being made to transport Wisam’s body back to Maldives at the request of the family. The resort said the rest of the people injured in the accident were well.