USD 30 million investment for new powerhouse in Addu

Managing Director of FENAKA Corporation, Ahmed Shareef has said that the company is preparing to make a USD 30 million investment to provide electricity to the connected islands of Addu City.

The remarks were made at the parliament committee meeting for state responsibilities where the top brass of FENAKA was summoned on the issue of regular electrical blackouts in Addu City.

Speaking at the meeting, Shareef said that unlike in any island ever before, all four generators in Addu City have malfunctioned together.

He said that it would take about a month to bring the spare parts required to fix the generators and the temporary generators which will be used until the repairs can be made are now traveling to Addu City sent on 8 October 2017. And the generator sets will be installed before the end of the year.

Shareef said that all four generators were malfunctioned due to a structural problem; the generator heat up since they are too close together. And the generators aside from the main one are in a hut made of tin which causes more heat to be generated inside.

Indicating to the major investment in Addu City, Shareef said that FENAKA is preparing to bring brand new generators which will join those currently in use.

The company is in talks with financial institutes according to the Managing Director of FENAKA Corporation.