Police request MoniCon orders against 9 individuals
An individual tagged under a MoniCon Order. (File Photo/Police)

Police request MoniCon orders against 9 individuals

    October 11, 2017 - 4 months 2 weeks ago

The police have requested the High Court to issue MoniCon (Monitor and Control) orders against nine individuals considered a danger to society.

Police media official reported the request was filed with the High Court last Tuesday.

The police had originally requested MoniCon orders against 16 individuals, the request was later reviewed by the MoniCon Committee which decided to request for MoniCon orders to be issued against only nine of those individuals.

This will be the first time for MoniCon orders to be issued since the resignation of former Minister of Home Affairs, Umar Naseer.

The new request for MoniCon orders comes amid a spike in gang violence in Male’ City.

Under the MoniCon order, police will have the right to tag individuals and restrict and monitor their movements.

Members of the MoniCon Committee – which is authorized to request the High Court for MoniCon Order – are; Minister of Home Affairs Azleen Ahmed, Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture Dr. Mohamed Shainee, Minister of Finance and Treasury Ahmed Munawwar, and Commissioner of Police Ahmed Areef.

The authority to requested for a MoniCon Order had previously rested solely on Minister of Home Affairs. The MoniCon Committee was established and authorized to make the request in June, 2016.

Article 29 of Anti-Terrorism Act grants the authority to request for a MoniCon Order to the Minister of Home Affairs. The law also empowers the Minister of Home Affairs to make any changes to the Order or cease the Order.


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