Funds from Eem Nizam’s makeup event donated to Addu Youth Camp

Money made from the makeup classes targeting the youth of Addu City - run by Handmade by Eem Nizam – have been donated to the upcoming Addu Youth Camp.

The Makeup and Hairdressing event organized by Handmade by Eem Nizam, in association with Grand Empress and Brilliant S Trading targeted young women living in Addu City.

Eem, a young artist and philanthropist reports she has donated all the money raised from the event to the Maldives Red Crescent – the organizers of the Addu Youth Summit.

“The main purpose of this event was to donate the money raised. This event was a success. I believe the young women of Addu City are in need of such assistance,” said Eem, expressing her delight in being able to make a donation to a worthy cause.

The young artist and model reports the event was a huge success. She stressed that the young women in Addu City wanted training in fields such as makeup and hairdressing, and said it was her hope that the young women were provided with more such training opportunities.

“What I noticed most from the event is how much the young women of Addu City wanted training in fields such as makeup. A lot of the women were desperate for such opportunities,” said Eem.

“What I wish is for more parties to run such events in Addu City and provide them with more opportunities.”

She also thanked Red Crescent for the opportunity to make the charitable contribution to Addu Youth Camp.

Handmade by Eem is a 100 percent Maldivian brand which produces and markets cosmetic products and clothes to the Maldivian tourist market. The brand recently expanded its operations and released Makeup Wipes by Handmade by Eem Nizam to the local market.

Products by Handmade by Eem Nizam are popular in the Maldivian tourism market, notably the Beachwear Collection which has Maldivian tradition and culture incorporated into its designs.